Crisis Communiction. Image shows connectivity across the world. Management of social media

Crisis Communication guidance

The most effective communication in a Crisis has been pre-planned. Never respond in the heat of the moment.

Media enquiries

Never ignore media enquiries as you will miss out on a valuable opportunity to tell your story

Comments are never ‘off the record’

Avoid jargon and always summarise at the end

Adverse Social Media Comments

Visit your pages daily. The worst post is the one that sits unanswered as it shows poor service.

Take negative publicity offline. Ask to contact them by telephone or email.

Review Sites

Flag false and Check all sites for defamatory reviews reviews on a weekly


Take advantage of reviews to highlight offers and opportunities for customers

When the issue is resolved apologise and identify what you have done to rectify it.

Crisis Response in business manual


Crisis communication guidance (pdf)


Adverse weather planning (pdf)


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