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Horizon Scanning


Accurately predicting marketplace turbulence can aid you in mitigating risk and identifying opportunities for business development. We use a range of techniques to analyse business intelligence and can assist you in growing organic capability in your workforce.

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Risk Assessment


Failure to accurately assess risks can leave a business owner open to litigation as well as have a significant negative impact on the business. We will assist you in identifying business risks, quantify them and use a systematic approach to mitigate impact and effects.

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Emergency Planning


EOS Resilience offers the services of an Emergency Planning Consultant to undertake work in conjunction with or on behalf of your management team. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Business Resilience


Incorporating Business Resilience measures into your business as usual routines will give you greater flexibility as an organisation. We can ensure compliance, embed best practice and improve retention of staff through logical, cost efficient changes and training. Customer confidence significantly increases in businesses with resilient practices.

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Business Continuity Planning


Planning for Crisis improves business survival. We conduct Business Impact Analysis; write Business Continuity Plans and exercise, test, debrief and update your Emergency and BC Plans.

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Business Coaching


We can work with business owners to assist in compliance matters, difficult decisions, growth planning and Crisis Management within your budget. Contact us for a no obligation discussion.

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