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Consultancy in Emergency Planning

Flooding of shops. Shows need for emergency planning and contingency plans in business

EOS Resilience offers the services of an Emergency Planning Consultant to undertake work in conjunction with or on behalf of your management team. Our Consultant specialises in horizon scanning and Emergency Planning. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Consultancy in Business Resilience

Fortress demonstrating a resilient business. Moat provides security and increases resilience

Is BREXIT causing you concern? Such a well publicised change to the marketplace certainly deserves thought and attention. However is it also creating a smokescreen which may mask greater concerns? Our Business Resilience Consultant can assist you to increase your corporate resilience in order to withstand turbulence from events outside your control.

Workforce Resilience

Teamwork moving a tree. Training in communication, leadership/management with personal resilience

A resilient workforce leads to a resilient business. We can deliver a wide range of training solutions to enhance your workforce skills. With military training in leadership and management we excel in delivering varied, fun activities which will enhance personal resilience and improve decision-making, communication and team cohesiveness. Bring your away-day home (or let us find you a suitable venue).

1 day Crisis Response in Business (CRiB)

Improving leadership qualities through CRiB course. Crisis prevention and management training.

EOS Resilience offers an introduction to Crisis Response in Business. This one day course is aimed at junior managers and employees in an organisation to provide an overview of Crisis prevention and management. The course consists of lectures, workshops and tabletop exercises.

Dates and information

Contact us for dates - 2 day Crisis Response in Business (CRiB)

Glass chess piece on cliff - isolated leader with nowhere to go. Develop decision making in crisis

The Crisis Response in Business two day workshop will provide senior managers and decision makers information and guidance on management of crisis within an organisation. The two days will consist of lectures, workshops and tabletop exercises as well as a pre-course manual.

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Developmental workshops

Jigsaw as teamwork brings pieces together to be stronger through disruptive thinking workshops

Bespoke workshops delivered on-site or off-site. Contact us to discuss specific objectives to develop your skills and knowledge or choose one of our events such as ‘Continuous Improvement Forum’, ‘Leadership and Management for all’, ‘Presentation Skills’, ‘Learning from Crisis’ or ‘Disruptive thinking workshop’.

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